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HPD Corner

HPD Corner

The emphasis on holistic development will not only make learning more a joyful process, it will nurture innate talent & develop skills in youth - an invaluable asset for a developing Nation

HPD is an approach which focuses on preparing students to meet any challenges they may face in life and in their academic career.. Holistic education encompasses a wide range of philosophical orientations and pedagogical practices. Its focus is on wholeness, and it attempts to avoid excluding any significant aspects of the human experience. Holistic Education takes contemporary cultural influences such as the media and music and teaches young mind how to be human. It gives clarity to the biggest challenges in life and how to overcome obstacles, accomplish success, and what basic concepts need to be learned initially, in order to accomplish all of those which are kept for us later on in life.

We at APS Nasirabad strive to understand and fulfil the individual needs of its learners. With the aim of developing students to his maximum potential. and moulding students for a challenging life in the global scenario,. It has been our motto to inculcate the values in the academic curriculum as well as in the co-scholastic activities. A new vision of educating children is required if they are to become successful in the future.

Core values like Honesty and Integrity, Self Discipline, Nurture National Pride, Right Conduct, Humility Responsibility, Critical thinking Healthy Competition among peers are covered under various levels.