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Holistic Personality Development (HPD)

Questionnaire For Annual ADM and TECH use.

  • 1. Is the integrated curriculum available on the school Web Site and is there a designated corner for HPD?
     Answer: Yes, it is updated with latest information regarding events, celebration and general information about school.
  • 2. What were the core values which have been worked upon at the under mentioned levels (mention any four)?
    Primary classes (1-2)
    • Phonics n reading skill, Recitation and Writing.
    • Praise and encouragement for all small achievements.
    • Participation in games (indoor and outdoor)
    • Nature walks inside the school and outside the school.
    • Welcome the students by shaking hands and common joyful words (Hello, Good morning, welcomes to class, etc)
    • Teaching them three magical words (Thank you, sorry. And may I)
    • Sharing and caring towards each other’s.

    Primary classes (3 to 5)
    • Reading and writing club
    • Quality time with class teacher
    • Expected good manners to be put on charts
    • Sharing and caring to each other’s, tiffin’s and stationary items.
    • Showing care and love to animals and homely pets
    • Nurturing the green plants
    • Spreading awareness about culture
    • Sensitivity (Informing them about good touch and bad touch)
    • Celebration of festivals, like Holi ,Diwali, Janmasthmi, Christmas
    • Giving awareness of important days celebration, like Earth day, literacy day, tree plantation, independence day, Republic day

    Secondary classes(6 to 10)
    • Use of computer games for research and investigate projects
    • Serving Army officers and other professionals to be invited for giving Motivational lectures
    • Group discussion, Adolescence Education and gender sensitization Programs to be carried out.
    • Programmes related awareness to bullying and molestation among girls and boys are also talked and explained.
    • Awareness about good touch and bad touch, in detail through short movies.
    • Club activities: literary club for both Hindi and English.
    • Health and Nature club( planting saplings, shramdhan)
    • Awareness prog: Regarding food, various diseases, harmful effects of junk food etc.
    • Awakened citizen programme has been implemented.
    • NCC for girls and boys.
    • Short motivational and inspirational films.
    • Moral values amongst student.
    • Celebration of festivals, like Holi ,Diwali, Janmasthmi, Christmas
    • Giving awareness of important days celebration, like Earth day, literacy day, tree plantation, Independence day, Republic day.

    Senior Secondary Classes(11 to 12)
    • Reading and writing club
    • Activities related peer pressure.
    • Awareness prog: Talk show and videos show related
         (a) Alcoholism  (b) Smoking (c) Domestic violence
    • Communication and presentation skill
    • Self –grooming skill
         1) Group Discussion/Quiz
         2) Extempore Speech and talks on currant topics.
    • Role modeling activities: Hindi /English
    • Sports activities: Outdoor games like volleyball, football, basketball

  • 3. Have teacher’s lesson plans been reviewed for the 2019--20 and the focus renewed (Evidence to be checked compare lesson plans)?
     Answer: Yes, Teacher lesson plans have been reviewed. They have been added by videos clippings, newspaper clippings short related stories or statement etc.
  • 4. Names of the core team of the school handling HPD at each level?
       Primary Level:Classes (1 & 2)
        Mrs. Pooja singh
        Mrs. Anita Rawat
        Ms. Jagrati
       Classes (3 to 5)
        Mrs. Smitalal
        Mrs. Anju khrapa
        Mrs. BrijBalaDevi
       Middle Classes (6 to 8)
        Mr. Pushpkant, Mishra
        Mrs. P.S. Rao
        Mrs. Seemachoudhary
        Mrs. Shuchita Sharma
       Senior Level: Classes (9 to 12)
        Mrs. Khushboo Jindal
        Mrs. Dalip Kanwar
        Mrs. Renu Sharma.
        Mr. Alok
  • 5. Are rating scale or MLL by NCERT available on the class notice Boards with RAG assessment?
     Answer: Yes, they are.
  • 6. How the progress of the school is being monitored (seek a write up from the principal up to 100 words and attach with the report)?
    • A core committee of teacher s has been set up for the observation of HPD, who give their report to me after the school is over.
    • I personally take regular meeting of the teachers, so that we can bring Important, Informative, positive, changes in the atmosphere of working place.
    • As a team of teaching I personal interact with the students to know their problems so that it could be convey to the teachers in a positive manner.
    • At the end of the day it is teaching and learning of the child which is on priority with creative, fun, and in enthusiastic way.
    • To monitor the completion of syllabus of all class SUB heads and class in charges have been made.
    • They submit fortnight report to academic in charge who gives their feedback to me.

  • 7. Was any workshop/Tg.of teachers conducted on HPD during the the year/summer training?
     Answer: Yes, It was taken by Mrs. P SharmilaRao, a member who attended the HPD workshop at Gwalior in 2014
  • 8. Are the newly inducted teachers aware of HPD (interview at least one new PRT.TGT & PGT each)?
     Answer: Yes, they have been made aware of HPD.
      PRT: Mrs. Anita Rawat and Seema choudhary
    • The workshop was fun and informative, HPD was made more interesting.
    • We will inculcate HPD in primary level by bringing in more activities which will develop over all development of the child.
    • HPD is also helpful in improving gross motor skill of the children.
    • Stage participation: students will be given more opportunity to come onstage children activities.
    • Holistic health is about caring for the whole person — providing for your physical, mental, spiritual, and social needs.
    • It's rooted in the understanding that all these aspects affect children overall health, and being unwell in one aspect affects you in others.
      TGT: Mrs. Monika Mishra:
    • HPD was interesting, and helpful in inculcating Social, emotional, physical problem.
    • We make lesson very interesting by making their syllabus incorporating incidents from day to day life.
    • HPD was helpful in channelizing the energy of students in various CCA.
    • Holistic development is the social, emotional, physical, mental, and intellectual growth of a person.
    • Taking a holistic approach to education means focusing on all aspects of a child's growth, not just their academic advancements.
    • Most importantly, it's about establishing the child's overall wellbeing.

  • 9. Are all teachers made to read the recommendation of NCF, RTE and Moral Education Frame Work for Schools 2012?
     Answer: Yes. Teachers have read the circulars properly. Undertaking from teachers has also been taken from teachers also.
  • 10. Are above mentioned document readily available in the library?
     Answer: Yes. They are in the library for everyone to read.
  • 11. Are teacher’s aware &using Value education and how many at secondary level?
     Answer:1. Value education is up till classes 1 to 10.
     2. General education, and Work education is being practiced in senior classes.
     3. Every weak one period is allotted.
  • 12. When is the last trig held for Phonetics for teachers?
     Answer: No, Such training is held for teachers.
     1. Teachers only collect information and knowledge form FDRC.
     2. In service program.
     3. To support English language, English language lab has been started for children.
     4. Regular periods have been allotted for each class.
  • 13. When is the last trg. held for phonetics for teachers?
     Answer: Its schedule in the month of February.
  • 14. Have the best practices for HPD upload on the website?
     Answer: yes. The picture gallery of latest activities are uploaded which shows children active participation in every field like sport and CCA.
  • 15. Enumerate steps taken by school to establish Professional learning.
     Answer: 1. Ten Days teacher in-service programs are taken.
     2. Various highly qualified personality come and share their views on relevant subjects.
     3. Teachers are attending various workshop conducted by CBSE.
  • 16. Rating by the inspecting Team on effectiveness of actions being taken by school for implementation on Holistic Personality Development?
     Answer: Teachers are innovative and dedicated, students are also interestingly learning for their future.
  • 17. Suggestion /Recommendations that the school needs to practice/ adopt to infuse HPD more effectively?
     Answer: Yes.
    • IT is recommended that another set of teachers should go for such training as latest developments have taken place in HPD.
    • New teachers have been appointed so new HPD session can help other teachers.
    • Holistic development is important and is the key to learning in the early years of childhood.
    • As a parent or teacher, we can start our children on an early learning path to success.
    • Parents can nurture this critical area of development by showing affection to their children, sharing feelings and allowing children to express emotions, encouraging children to try new things, maintaining a regular routine, modeling kind behavior and providing plenty of opportunities for interaction with peers.