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From Chairman's Desk

Chairman APS Nasirabad

In the ever changing global milieu, it is imperative to endeavour perpetually to set new benchmarks. By providing an array of opportunities to tap on individual talent, our goal is to edify the young learners keeping in view a synchronous growth of their body, mind and soul.

The astute, sensitive perception of diverse issues and the creative acumen of students are reflected in the activities conducted at various levels. Their achievements in a plethora of events and activities reveal their multifarious talents, ingenuity and adroitness.

The institution provides an environment conducive to acquisition of knowledge, honing of life skills and inculcation of ethical values leading to holistic development of students and self actualisation. The pivotal role of the dedicated and perseverant teachers is to be appreciated in making students self-reliant, competent and proactive citizens of the world. Our focus is to develop our students as global citizens with tolerance, respect and appreciation of diverse cultures and religions. We trust that they should be self-motivated, independent and confident decision makers to take up leadership roles in future. I am sanguine that the school will always provide these "Blooming Buds" the right platform for all-round development.

Hence, I extend my best wishes to the Principal, staff and students and am sanguine that their collaborated efforts will enable the institution to reach new pinnacles of success and glory in all spheres.
"Jai Hind"

Brig R K Mishra
APS Nasirabad