Student Enrichment Programme

Resource persons are invited from outside to conduct Seminars and Workshops for students in issues concerning the healthy and an all round development of students. Extension lectures related to subjects are also delivered to them. Some of the topics dealt with are career counselling, stress management, positive thinking, healthy living, learning skills etc. The school reserves the right to alter/amend/add or delete any of the provisions mentioned in the prospectus. The changes shall be binding on all.

Tests and Examinations

  • Weekly Unit Tests
  • Four weekly tests for every subject are held as per schedule. These tests form an integral part of the school assessment policy.

Note :- Students are supposed to write all weekly tests for a specific subject in a test note book assigned for it at the beginning of the session. If a student fails to bring it on the day of the test, he/she may be penalized.

Students are expected to get the test note books signed by their parents after every test. In case the date given for a particular weekly test is declared a holiday owing to some unforeseen reasons, the test would be held on the next working day.

Absenteeism in test

  • If a child misses one unit test, then he/she is considered for merit after being awarded a zero.
  • In case of absenteeism in more than one unit test, the child will be awarded zero and not considered for merit.
  • Medical Leave - The child will be considered for merit after awarding him/her a zero for medical leave. If he/she fails to qualify for merit, then average marks will be given and result calculated accordingly.