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Teacher Enrichment Programme

Teachers are the basic component working relentlessly towards the realisation of achievements and success of every individual student at APS Nasirabad.

The training sessions are held time to time so as to make sure that every teacher adapts the teaching pedagogies, philosophies and methodologies for best results. The teachers are trained in all aspects including academic, cocurricular, extracurricular, computer, examinations, parent teacher interactions and class coordination to prosper in the fast paced world of teaching and learning.

The teacher training assumes even greater significance in the wake of promulgation of new education policy 2021.

Among other training programmes CBSE and FDRC programs helps the teacher to plan, organise, deliver, communicate, and get best result of their topic by making it more effective and interesting thereby fulfilling needs and expectations of the class.

These programs help the teacher understand process of learning as an educationist for a better academic session.