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Code of Conduct

"Excellence is not a singular act but a habit. You are what you do repeatedly" With this belief, a set of guidelines in the form of rules and regulations are framed for the students, which are followed by them religiously and adopted as their way of life. These guidelines act as the refining fires helping the students to emerge as confident, promising and polished individuals.

1. Be respectful to the parents, teachers and other staff members of the school Shouting or whistling is not allowed in or around the school building
2. Be respectful to the parents, teachers and other staff members of the school No student should bring any weapon or sharp articles to the school
3. Be punctual everytime Any kind of gathering/celebration in the classroom or anywhere in or around school campus is not allowed
4. Always be neat and clean Care must be taken of the school property and no one is allowed to scratch or spoil the desks and chairs or damage any school furniture, write or draw anything on the walls or in any way damage any article belonging to others
5. Be humble, honest and truthful Damage done even by accident or mistake should be reported immediately to the class teacher
6. Be patient, tolerant and secular Those who commute alone must never roam around on the way but return to home straight without delay
7. Take pride in yourself, school, parents and your nation Students are warned not to buy any eatable from the street vendors


Students are expected to come to the school in neat, clean and simple clothes.

They must conform to the high standards of modesty maintained by the institutions.

Students should not bring discredit to the school or to themselves.

Insubordination and rude behavior of any kind inside or outside the school will be severely dealt with.

Students should be regular and punctual in attending the classes and all activities connected with the school

No student is allowed to enter the classroom or leave the class room during class hours without the permission of the principal. They are not permitted to go out during lunch break.

The students should stand up and wish the teacher when he/she enters the class. They should take their seats only after the teacher takes his/her seat or instructs the students to do so.

They should wish all the teachers irrespective of their departments.

Strict silence should be maintained during class hours in the Classrooms, Library, Laboratory, Examination halls and in the school premises.

Students are expected to take care of the school property and help in keeping premises neat and clean.

Disfiguring of walls, doors or breaking the furniture is a breach of discipline and will not be tolerated. 12. Students are forbidden from organizing any meeting in the school premises or collecting money for any purpose without the permission of the principal.

Students are not permitted to entertain the visitors in the school during the working hours. They are strictly forbidden from receiving personal phone calls or letters.

Student should not enter the office room, staff room or computer lab without permission.

Monthly tests and model examinations are part of curriculum and student should be sincere in taking these tests. They should not indulge in any kind of malpractice during examinations or tests.

Students must abide by the rules and regulations in force as well as other rules prescribed by the school from time to time. Thus, in the interest of the students, strict discipline has become the watch word of the school

Students who do not follow the school rules and regulations will be expelled from the school

Students coming by two wheelers are instructed to wear helmet. They should posses a valid driving license. The vehicle must be parked in the allotted space only.