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Educational Goals

The school will focus on core knowledge and essential skills, competency and qualities that a child should possess upon the completion of 5+3+3+4 pattern of Academic year.

The school helps them to attain short term goals and than creating a plan for achieving those goal with the skilled and efficient mentors.

The children may achieve the mastery on the subject and it also includes comprehensive health and physical education, with well-equipped playgrounds, library, Science laboratories, sports courts, AV room, Language laboratories, resource room, Sports Room, Scouts N guide NCC training.

The school synthesizes the best of the oriental and the Occidental education so as to make an individual not only a true Indian but a world citizen.

The school has evolved a pattern of Holistic and Inclusive Education which aims at developing a psychological, cognitive, affective , psychomotor , intellectual , physical and social consciousness of the growing child, so that he can make fruitful decisions in life.

The school not only focuses on interests, potentials, and goals of the child but also finds ways to help them in pursuing their interests.

School helps for meaningful physical and emotional aspects through various new projects introduced by CBSE, AWES, and FDRC regularly.

School also focus on reducing stress, anxiety, peer pressure, examination fear by exploring new projects and activities as per guidelines of CBSE.

Setting a realistic path with patience for achievement as per new education policy-2021.

Upcoming projects like science park, botanical garden, centralised announcement system and other facilities.